She danced all night out of excitement.But cried next night out of grief…

A day changed her feelings upside down…just because of a single thing..

She “expected” as if fish expects flying.


I don’t care if you are right or wrong,I don’t care if you are good or bad to me,

 I will be good, Always.

Because Darling, thats the difference between you and me!!

I’m here to play my part, my role..

I believe I’m just an actor portraying my script!!

Her politeness makes her the most adorable…Rude words kill you.. kind words heal you.

Rude words give you a wound…kind words make you crowned. 

–Spread the kindness spread the love..
  Let the bond of relations get stronger and stronger..

Let not the harshness of your words kill it.

Cause there’s an undefined beauty in kindness, Amor mio

Valentine’s day!!

Valentines day..Maintain relationships with everyone-

— It’s okay/important to be kind even when/if you are not right…

–Bend down whenever necessary, kill your ego or it will kill your relationship 

–Value your relations.

–Self respect is must but ego is worst.

–Love more and more, love the soul.

–understand each other deeply. Noone is wrong..

–Trust deeply…trust the intentions

–don’t take it so lightly…give necessary space.

–respect each other’s feelings..

Recovery from heartbreak-🔹Allow yourself to cry it out: “being strong” doesn’t mean you hve to bottle up all the feelings inside you..!!

You need to cry the pain out…so the level of hurt starts dropping down.

🔹Distance yourself from the person who has broken you: the more and more you excruciate to know about them, the more you afflict yourself!!

🔹Create your happiness: try out things that make you more and more happy…engross in self so much…start loving yourself a bit more…

Hostel vs home!!

​At home

â—½Washing machine sound,           â—½Aroma of breakfast,                   â—½Mumma switching off the fan and.   â—½Waking you up telling the exceeded time.                                                       â—½Fighting for remote with siblings still fun…                                                           â—½Where you can do irascible dramas for food…still get fed.                                         

At hostel-                                                       â—½ Getting up and rushing to work,     â—½Taking care of self,                         â—½Saddest part, when you sleep in afternoons,                                                   â—½And wake up feeling worst, like rushing back home..                                â—½Turn on the lappy, headphones in and still can’t get that fun.                          â—½You gotta swallow the food down..no matter how bad it might be… 

And thats when you realize->                      life begins at the end of your comfort zone!!