My kind of friendship.

My kind of friendship?

A friend who –

Will stick by my side no matter what.

If a person breaks my heart, my friend will break his/her bones.

The one who won’t go places without me, just because of the thought of missing me so much.

The one who won’t ever replace me.

The one who won’t need to clarify others for choosing me over them.
Because for me, just a single reason is enough,
“we are best friends”.


Say it

Whenever their actions hurt you, 

Say it.  Don’t keep it within. 

Don’t always expect them to understand by themselves. 

Because sometimes both of you may see the situation differently. 

Don’t be silent,  just say it out. 

No matter if it leads to fight. 

But atleast you won’t be clueless of what has hurt them. 

Silence will create more gap,  more misunderstandings,  more ego. 

And it won’t be solved unless you say it… 

So say it.  Tell them.  And work on it so that it won’t hurt them again. 

Stop judging 

She talks to everyone so sweetly,  so politely.. 

She makes so many friends,  hangs out with them… 

“Oh God,  how fake she is” 

“Yes Yes,  just friends for season she has”

 She is polite with everyone not because she is fake but because she can’t be rude to anyone, she understands what battle everyone fights in their own world. 

She rather tries to heal them to some extent if she could… 

Grow up people… 

Stop judging. You ain’t over here to judge what’s wrong and what’s right. She is polite doesn’t imply she needs the limelight. 

                                  – Nidhi Talreja 



Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. 

How beautifully it relates with life….

 Focus the lens of life on the positivity… And unfocus/defocus the parts that lead you to negative part. 

Focus the feeling of love… And unfocus/defocus the feeling of hatred. 

Focus the existence of peace and unfocus/defocus the fights, dramas, arguments. 

And only then the life will be felt as beautiful as this snap…

Learn from the “bokeh” and as it blurs the unwanted parts to make a picture be “the most beautiful picture “… Similarly blur out harsh feelings from life to make it” the most beautiful life”


I believe friend is… Strength and support.And not just chats, tag and post.  You think a fight kills it all??                  No.  Its “the ego” that does. 

My kind of friendship is sort it out and love more than before… 

But sorting doesn’t mean blaming or so… 

Friendship is not blood relations,          Also not a knotted creation.. 

Rather it is a mental,  emotional support…that fills you with more of love.. 

The ones who never judge you… The ones who will kill you for wrong actions… But then, will pull/drag you out of hell too… 

Its all how you create it.